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Changes to AP Exam Fee Subsidies for Low Income Students

For the past few decades, federal funding subsidized the cost of Advanced Placement exams for low-income students.  The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) may change the amount of the funding available and the distribution process. ESSA reauthorizes the 50 year-old Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and aggregates various federal programs under one umbrella.  The “Advanced […]

College Board Increases 2017 AP Exam Fee

The suggested fee for the 2017 AP Exams is increasing  $93.00, a $1.00 increase from the 2016 exam fees..   This was “announced” in the AP coordinator pre-conference work shops the AP Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA.  The exam fee for Capstone (Seminar and Research) are increasing $2.00 to $141.00.  The announcement form the workshop […]

2016 AP Exam Score Distributions

For the past several of years, Trevor Packer head of Advanced Placement has been tweeting the score distributions for the AP Exams as they become available.  You can follow @AP_Trevor on Twitter to receive these tweets. Total Registration is once again compiling all these score distributions in a table that can be easily sorted to view the […]

College Board Increases 2016 AP Exam Fee

The 2016 “suggested” (some schools charge more to cover costs) AP Exam Fee will be $92.00, a $1.00 increase from the 2015 AP Exam Fee.  The fee increase was disclosed to attendees at the AP coordinator pre-conference workshops, where they were provided resources, one of which was the fee schedule pictured below: In 2015, the fee […]

@AP_Trevor Tweets Regarding AP Score Access – July 5 – July 7

The following is a compilation of tweets from @AP_Trevor, head of AP for the College Board.  These tweets are related to online score access and are very helpful for any student having issues.  We have removed several responses to individuals that were repeats in order to make this compilation easier to read through. Tweets from […]