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AP Programs are Growing in Kentucky

AP programs across the country are experiencing rapid growth as schools open their programs to more students. Students are seeing Advanced Placement courses as a chance to bolster their college application while at the same time having the possibility of receiving college credit. Meanwhile, schools are seeing  AP courses as a way to attract students in […]

Newsweek’s Top High Schools

Every year, Newsweek Magazine releases its “America’s Top Public High Schools” – http://www.newsweek.com/id/201160.  The schools are ranked by a very simple formula, the number of AP, IB or Cambridge Exams a school gives divided by the number of graduating seniors.  The schools are then ranked in descending order by this ratio. Many have questioned the […]

Merit Pay For Teachers – Based on AP Scores?

Here’s an article from the Boston Globe about merit pay for teachers based off AP scores. TEACHERS UNIONS see red on the subject of merit pay. But the results released yesterday on a bold education experiment suggest that paying teachers for performance helps in preparing students for college-level work. In 2007, the nonprofit Mass Insight […]

Improving Math and Science in Alabama

There was recently an article about Exxon Mobile providing a grant to help Alabama students improve their performance in math and science. It sounds like they have had great results. I am curious as to what the training looks like, and if there are teacher or student financial incentives built-in. Here’s the article from stockwatch.com: […]