College Board Increases 2016 AP Exam Fee

The 2016 “suggested” (some schools charge more to cover costs) AP Exam Fee will be $92.00, a $1.00 increase from the 2015 AP Exam Fee.  The fee increase was disclosed to attendees at the AP coordinator pre-conference workshops, where they were provided resources, one of which was the fee schedule pictured below:


In 2015, the fee increase was first disclosed at the AP Conference, but was not formally announced on their website until months later.  Total Registration wants all schools to be aware of the fee increase in order to update any information that may be distributed to students at the beginning of the school year.

As you can see from the last note in the image above, schools will continue to retain $9.00 of the $92.00 exam fee, the College Board will bill schools $83.00/exam (for full priced students, free/reduced lunch fees were not addressed). It also appears that the “restocking fee” for unused exams remains the same at $15.00.exam.


2 Responses to “College Board Increases 2016 AP Exam Fee”

  1. xavier says:

    Does this mean we just wasted 92 dollars for a test?

  2. Mike says:

    I am not sure hat you mean by wasted $92.00. Students that score well on the AP exam can earn College Credit that typically results in a tuition savings of more than $1,000.00/exam at a public university, even more at a private college/university.