2013 AP Exam Scores Available Beginning July 5th

apscores2Access to AP* scores for the 2013 exams begins Friday, July 5th.  First students can access their scores, then teachers and finally AP Coordinators and Administrators.  The access schedule is as follows:

  • July 5-7 – Early access for Students.  Depends on location.  See www.APScore.org.
  • July 8 – Access for all Students regardless of location
  • July 10-11 – Access for Teachers – Time depends on location. View schedule here.
  • July 15 – Access for AP Coordinators and Administrators

Students will need a College Board account in order to access their AP scores.  Beginning this year, the College Board will no longer mail scores to students. Students that do not have a College Board account should create one now at  apstudent.collegeboard.org/apscores.

When students and teachers access their scores, they may be interested in comparing them to the 2013 AP score distributions.  Total registration has compiled these from tweets by the head of AP, Trevor Packer.

9 Responses to “2013 AP Exam Scores Available Beginning July 5th”

  1. Jack Murphy says:

    Where can I find my AP number? I have looked on my high school AP account and my AP test registration confirmation but cannot locate it.

  2. Mike says:

    Jack – There is a barcoded label that has your AP number on it. The College Board provided a yellow card for you to add a label to and hang on to it. If you do not have this you can:

    Lost AP Number: if you don’t have your AP#, use link on the AP profile page, “I do not have my AP number” & it will be emailed to you.

    This was tweeted by Trevor Packer, head of the College Board.

  3. J. Calbi says:

    I really don’t appreciate that my students will have access to their scores before I will. As a teacher, it’s tough getting emails or visits without being prepared or having prior knowledge.

    As students, mine have complained that College Board adds insult to injury. After charging an arm and a leg for testing, College Board then tries to extract even more money by selling to those who can afford it, the right to see their scores before others. Quite the elitist system, hardly appropriate in public education.

  4. Mike says:


    I encourage you to express your concerns to the College Board. Here’s a tweet from the head of the College Board, Trevor Packer, regarding the later access date for teachers:

    We released students early to meet transcript deadlines, also educator reports are more complex and take longer to process.

    For the 2013 AP exams, students are not charged extra to view their scores earlier. That was in the past when students accessed their scores by phone. With the new online score reporting, students are not charged to view their scores.

  5. T hayduke says:

    Unfortunately the new notification system has its bugs! We are in New York and should have been able to access scores on Friday, however, no scores are available to us even TODAY, July 8, when they are supposed to be available to EVERYONE! I tried calling but the message states that their phone lines have “reached their capacity” – I’ll bet they are. So we are still waiting and wih no scores being mailed, who knows how long it will take!

  6. Mike says:

    I encourage you to contact the College Board regarding this. You may find this compilation of tweets from the head of the College Board helpful. In order to access scores, students will need to have or create a College Board account as well as know their AP number or Studnet ID (if bubbled on the sheet). Most likely their is an issue with linking the scores to your account and you will need to contact the College Board

  7. Angie says:

    How exactly can I access my students’ scores? I’m finding several of links with partial explanations, however, I keep ending up at the student score page. Some really simple directions would be appreciated for this teacher with summer-time brain!!

  8. Mike says:

    Angie – Teachers can access scores at https://scores.collegeboard.org/pawra/home.action by logging in with their College Board professional account. This information was obtained from http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/ap/scores/online-score-reporting/access-schedule.

    Best of luck – Mike