Students Will Access AP Scores Online for 2013 Exams

New for the 2013 AP Exams, students will access their scores online.  In order to access their scores, students will need to create a College Board account.  Students can easily create a student account at  Students who already have accounts from taking the SAT, etc should not need to create an account.

Beginning in the first week in July, students will be able to access their scores online.  In addition to their College Board account, students will need one of two pieces of information to access their scores:

  • School/District/State Issued Student ID Number – This must match the number students provided on the answer sheet.
  • AP Number – This is the eight digit number assigned to students.  The AP number be found on one of the bar coded labels that were applied to the answer sheet.  Hopefully students retained this number as instructed.

It is important to note that scores will no longer be mailed to students, so all students will obtain their scores online.

Schools will also be able to access scores online, so students can check with their school if they are unable to access their scores.

Students will be able to access both their current and past scores online.  If students do not see scores from previous year’s, they should contact the College Board

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