Preparation is Key for High Stakes AP Exams

Students have a lot riding on the AP exams.  Most students see the Advanced Placement exams as a way to impress colleges, when in reality they can end up saving the student/family  thousands in tuition.  If a student scores well on their exam they may qualify for credit in college.  With the rising cost of tuition, this credit translates in to large financial savings.  With all of this hinging on the score on the exam, the pressure can be intense.  The best way for a student to reduce this stress is to prepare for the exams.  There are plenty of quality resources that will help students prepare for the exam so that they may arrive confident on test day.

Purchase an AP Review Book

In order to help students find the review books that are best suited for them and their exams, Total Registration, LLC has a collection of the best AP review books for each exam at  Since the study guides are organized by exam, students can easily find the prep materials for the exams they will be taking.  Each review book has a description and reviews from past users.  In addition to the review books, each exam has information about the format of the exams and links to released questions from past exams. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Most of the study guides at contain review of the material, sample exams with answers and exam taking techniques.  The best way for a student to prepare for the exams is to work all the way through one of these review books, taking special care to do every sample exam with the same time constraints that the exam will have.  It is crucial that students then score their sample exam and take the time to figure out what the right answer is for any question they get incorrect.  Understanding the correct answer to each question will help students learn the nuances of test taking and increase confidence on exam day.

Start Reviewing Early

Most students, unfortunately, put off reviewing for the exams until a couple of weeks before the exams.  Doing well on the exam delivers such high rewards that it is in every student’s best interest to begin reviewing for the exams earlier.  Beginning early, allows students time to figure out what content they struggle with and need to polish up on.  It is very important to have the time necessary to learn any information that the student is struggling with.  Students who wait to review until the last minute are short changing themselves as all they do is learn what they don’t know for the exam, not having time to learn it.  This typically translates into a loss of confidence and thus a lower score.

For most exams there are several good review books by various publishers.  Purchase your AP study guides today and start the review process.

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  1. ap classes says:

    Students can save thousands in tution by scoring well on an AP exam, giving them all the more reason to be sure they are well prepared for the test in May.