AP and IB Scheduling Conflicts

There are many schools in the US that have both large Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.  These schools have the unique problem of working through scheduling exam conflicts between the two programs.

The AP Program has an alternate testing schedule in place while the IB programme does not.  For this reason, most schools with both programs will schedule students to take an alternate AP exam if the exam conflicts with an IB exam.  This means that the alternate AP exam (late testing) must be ordered.

The problem for these schools is identifying which students have exams that conflict.  Most schools do this by taking rosters from days with conflicts and cross checking all of the students  on any rosters that have exams at the same time.  This process is very tedious and time consuming.  In addition to being mind-numbing, this method of hand checking also leaves the possibility of a conflict not being identified.

IB schools who are using Total Registration to register students for AP exams now have a much better way to do this.  Total Registration’s AP Exam Registration Service has an option that allows schools with IB exams to have students indicate which IB exams they are taking.  With this information, Total Registration is able to run a conflict report at the click of a button.  All conflicts between the IB and AP exams can be found without hand checking exam rosters.  Finding conflicts has never been easier.  As in the past, all schools are able to find conflicts within the AP exams (a student with two exams at the same time on the same day) at the click of a button as well.  Since finding conflicts is so easy to do schools are able to do this in plenty of time to make arrangements for alternate testing.

Schools interested in simplifying the AP exam registration process can learn more at www.AP.TotalRegistration.net.

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