Answers from the president of the College Board Part II

I am  greatly entertained with many of the comments on The Choice’s – Guidance Office series of Questions and Answers with Gaston Caperton, president of the College Board.

It is clear that there are many who have an axe to grind with the College Board.  I guess this makes sense as the College Board is deeply intertwined with the college application process.  An activity that  causes many people great a deal of angst.  Shattered expectations need a scape goat, and the College Board is as likely target as any.

The College Board certainly has their faults and as we all do, but it is evident that series like this give the upset a soapbox.  You can follow the discussion at The Choice, or bet yet get involved.

Mr. Caperton is answering questions all week, so if you have something you would like him to respond post it here. Even the questions are interesting to read as the majority are not really questions but complaints dressed as questions.

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