President Obama’s Address to the Students

I don’t understand what all of the controversy was about this past week as the President prepared to address the nation’s school children. Last I checked, he is the president. I think it is great that he desires to encourage students to work hard at all things they do. Students need encouragement, and who better than the President of the United States.

From what I have read, he chose a great school from which to make his address. Wakefield High School in Arlington has worked hard to encourage students to give it there all. The AP program continues to grow there and has had great success with its students. Here’s a quote from a NY Times Blog :

The White House chose Wakefield in part because its student body is ethnically and economically diverse; three quarters of the students are minorities and nearly half, 48 percent, are eligible for reduced or free lunches, Ms. Erdos said. Mr. Obama has made personal responsibility a theme of his presidency, and has frequently addressed that message to minority communities.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan visited the school in February and was “struck by its sense of urgency,’’ he said in an interview. Wakefield is challenging each of its students to take Advanced Placement classes; Ms. Erdos said 40 percent of the students who graduated in June had successfully completed A.P. classes.

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