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September 2009

2009 – Another Record Year for AP Exams

The data shows that all across the country schools are increasing the size of their AP programs

Paying Students for Passing AP Exams

There was a recent article in the NY Times about a program in NY City that pays students at some schools if they receive great AP scores.   The program is titled REACH (Rewarding Achievement) and involves schools with large minority populations.  The goal of the program is to increase college readiness for low income high school students.  […]

Advanced Placement Exams as the new indicator for college success?

This past week there were two articles that indicated that colleges are looking at AP exams as a better indicator, than SAT exams, of a students ability to succeed in college .  One article was in the New York Times and the other in the Washington Post. In some ways  this makes sense.  The AP […]

President Obama’s Address to the Students

I don’t understand what all of the controversy was about this past week as the President prepared to address the nation’s school children. Last I checked, he is the president. I think it is great that he desires to encourage students to work hard at all things they do. Students need encouragement, and who better […]

AP Programs are Growing in Kentucky

AP programs across the country are experiencing rapid growth as schools open their programs to more students. Students are seeing Advanced Placement courses as a chance to bolster their college application while at the same time having the possibility of receiving college credit. Meanwhile, schools are seeing  AP courses as a way to attract students in […]