AP Programs are Growing in Kentucky

AP programs across the country are experiencing rapid growth as schools open their programs to more students. Students are seeing Advanced Placement courses as a chance to bolster their college application while at the same time having the possibility of receiving college credit. Meanwhile, schools are seeing  AP courses as a way to attract students in the day of increased school choice. Here’s an article from WKYT in KY demonstrating this phenomenon:

Officials with the advance k-y program are seeing test scores of advance placement classes increase for twelve schools, three of them in Eastern Kentucky.

North Laurel, South Laurel, and Corbin Independent High Schools are all seeing increases in both enrollment and qualifying scores. One student at North Laurel says she’s pleased with the results.

Erica Mamauag has fifteen college credit hours just from taking AP courses.

“I was extremely excited I screamed when my mom called and told me,” Mamauag says. “It’s just going to help me so much in my freshmen year of college just not having to do the same classes over again.”

Results from the program at North Laurel High School show they met their five year goal the first year of the program with 54 qualifying scores. Their expectation was 31.

Director of Postsecondary Education for the Laurel County Schools, Monica Stevens says, “From last year, we improved 48-percent over the previous year, so the program has definitely been a boost for our students.”

Stevens says this program is helping in them in the long run.

“With this program, we’re going to have students that will be finishing high school with enough college credit accumulated that they will enroll as sophomores in college,” Stevens says.

Mamauag credits her teacher’s willingness to help.

“At least one of them stayed after everyday, after school from like February until the test,” Mamauag says.

AP English Teacher Rebecca McArdele says, “These kids have been here on Saturdays and after school working with their teachers. Doing all day prep sessions on the weekend. And it has all paid off.”

Mamauag wants to go to college to be a pediatric oncologist. She hopes having some college credit will get her in to the school she wants to go to.

“My top choices right now are Vanderbilt and Centre probably,” Mamauag says.

And after her senior year, she could have as many as 27 college credit hours heading in to

North laurel also had 127 students take the a-p exam last school year, up from 50 two years ago.
The Advance KY program is expanding to 15 more schools, including two more in eastern Kentucky, Johnson central and Paintsville.

The two Big Sandy schools will be a part of next year’s results.

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